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Designing a radio product was not that easy before Fractus Antennas introduced in 2008 the Virtual Antenna (TM) concept. It is the result of research and development by the company, recognized as an expert in antenna technology.

The virtual antenna is a new (r)evolution reducing by 10 the footprint, compared to a conventional custom PIFA solution, in particular for multi-frequency antenna applications (GSM, WiFi, BLE, GPS, LoRa, NB-IoT, Cat-M, SigFox..). Within 24 hours, Fractus Antennas allows you to assess its benefits and valuate its performance.

In addition to small footprint, antenna development and tune-up times are significantly reduced (“Design of Multiband Antenna Systems for Wireless devices using antenna boosters” IEEE Microvwave Magazine Dec2019). Furthermore, this concept allows lower manufacturing costs as the Virtual Antenna, or “booster” is an off the shelves SMT component, easy to place and solder, with no antenna tuning required on the production line, ensuring consistent quality and performance for all products manufactured.

Antenna performance is conditioned by 3 criteria.

– The first thing to consider first and foremost is the positioning of the antenna “booster”. The best location is at the edge/corner, perpendicular to the longest size of your board (PCB).

– The second is the size of ground plan. The virtual Antenna performances are directly linked to ground plane surface.

– Finally, the third is the matching network circuitry. It defines the frequency bands for radiation. The same booster can be use in different spectrum based on it matching network associated.

For this third criteria, Fracus Antennas offers a free “Fast Track” service to define the architecture and the placement (PCB) of the matching circuit, along with performance results.

With the “ Fast Track – ” service, you provide some information about your future product and then will receive within 24/48 hours a comprehensive report including, diagram, list of components with their location on the board, as well as the theoretical performance of the solution.

This report allows you to quickly assess the feasibility of your project, and of course to compare the performance, as well as the cost with other multifrequency solutions on the market.

The comparison only makes sense for a multi-frequency applications, and for a new development. Replacing one or more existing antennas on a card with an antenna booster may not be relevant.

For the rest of your development, Fractus Antennas helps you in the development of prototypes. In the event that you do not have the resources available, an antenna integration consulting services as well as certifications process are available.

Developing a product with a radio becomes easier and improve time-to-market with the virtual antenna from Fractus Antennas.

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