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LoRaWAN and network

LoRa Basics Modem : New LoRaWAN stack

Fabien Holin, LoRaWAN stack Semtech’s specialist, will explain in detail SEMTECH’s strategy to support the development of “LoRaWAN devices”. SEMTECH now relies on LoRa Basics Modem which greatly facilitates the development of LoRaWAN devices, while bringing all the latest features announced by the LoRa ALLIANCE. You will see how easy the implementation can be and Fabien will introduce the new features you will have natively access with this new stack. A revolution is underway, you should be part of it👍


LoRa Basics Modem. A new revision of the LBM, explained by SEMTECH

Fabien Holin, LBM specialist, will describe the evolutions of this new revision of the LoRa Basics Modem released by the end of 2023.

After an initial session held in mid-2023, which you can watch again in replay (link below), Fabien will go into detail about the evolutions of this new revision.

First session May 2023 : https://app.livestorm.co/chipselect/lora-basics-modem-lbm-new-lorawan-stack-by-semtech-easy-to-use-more-features-available?type=detailed

A revolution is in progress, and you should be there to understand what’s new 👍

Speaker: Fabien Holin       Semtech principal development software engineer

New LoRa Edge™ LR1120 for Multi-Band Worldwide Asset Management

This session will allow you to discover in details the new LR1120 ultra-low power device targeting global geolocation applications. It provides multi band LoRa® and Long Range – Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (LR-FHSS) communication over sub-GHz and 2.4GHz ISM bands as well as licensed S-Band for satellites.

All you need to know about LoRaWAN in 40 minutes !!!

The LoRaWAN protocol allows millions of electronic devices to communicate with a very long range. It targets above all objects requiring very low power consumption, but also a low data rate. Savoie Mont Blanc University provides educational content on LoRaWAN technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) for novices and users. During this WebTech session, Sylvain Montagny, Associate Professor and head of the Embedded Systems Electronics Master, will detail “All you need to know about LoRaWAN in 40 minutes”, and will present the various tools that his team makes available to the ecosystem around this technology.

How to choose a Macronix non volatile memory for low power application

During this one hour webminar, we will introduce the Macronix portfolio of non volatile memories and we will focus strongly on low power features of these latter. Indeed this feature is critical for several applications as IoT, medical, or battery supplied systems.

Why and How to use Macronix High Density Serial NOR Flash, OTA, XiP, OctaSPI… ?

About different markets like Industrial, Telecom, Consumer, automotive and use cases such as Updates Over-the-Air, execute in place, Instant-On… Macronix will detail most useful features in the High Density SPI Flash memories.

Power Energy

Dual inputs energy harvesting, to enhance performances of your autonomous IoT

In this session, Hussein will introduce you to a new product in the e-peas range that recovers energy from two separate sources.

This specialized PMIC integrates additional functions that will enable you to develop autonomous products, without compromise on performance. In addition, the AEM13920 features an energy meter, giving you a precise idea of the energy recovered, as well as that consumed by the system.

Speaker: Hussein Kassab

Field Applications Engineer.

E-peas to demonstrate how combination of Energy Harvesting and high performance PMIC enable un precedented 2,5 months operations in the dark with a new EVK!!!

During this session, Bruno Damien will use the latest e-peas evaluation kit to demonstrate a major advance in performance: thanks to the AEM10300 PMIC, a system powered by a PV cell can survive in the dark for several months while communicating all its environmental parameters.

At the heart of this revolutionary kit is the e-peas AEM10300 as well as a Dracula Technologies solar cell and NICHICON SLB storage element.

This complete energy harvesting block is powering multiple sensors as well as an onsemi RSL10 BLE transceiver, whether there is light or not.

Out-of-the-box utilization will allow you to start your own evaluation tests very quickly.

This new EVK will be available by mid-October at Mouser.

Energy harvesting, a new range of products to support constant voltage harvester

During this session, Pierre will present a new range of components to optimize energy recovery from constant voltage sources. The photovoltaic cell market offers a number of technologies with this characteristic, e-peas is proposing a dedicated family.

It will also be able to adapt to intermittent energy sources, such as vibration harvesters, with their constant voltage and “unknown” frequency.

Thanks to this session, you’ll be able to determine whether your applications are eligible for energy harvesting and moreover removing the battery 😉

Speaker: Hussein Kassab

ITEN, a new technology of MicroBatteries

During this session, ITEN will present this new energy storage technology of Micro-Batteries that combine the advantages of SuperCap and conventional battery technologies.


In this occasion, we will review the main technical features of these products, the use cases we encounter and also the tools available to evaluate these products.


These products can be recharged very quickly (80% in # 7minutes), are capable of delivering high power (100-150C), and are offered in reflowable packages to facilitate integration on PCBs.

Presenter: Alain Jutant. Iten’ VP Sales & Business Dev



Ignion’s antenna solutions accelerates your Time to Market through the Wireless Fast Track (WFT)

In this Ignion’s session, we will not only show you how simple it is to develop your RF radiating system, but also the flexibility of using Ignion’s antenna components: different antenna positioning options, impact of the matching network for multi-frequencies applications and re-usage of the same design for other projects.

Protect your components

How To Use HotSwitch® For System Protection

Electronic systems are growing more prevalent and more robust, and need protection against electrical transients and fault conditions. To address these needs, Semtech, a trusted and leading innovator and provider of circuit protection, has introduced HotSwitch, an integrated protection circuit with MOSFETS that can replace conventional fuses and other protection devices. Attend this session to learn the performance advantages of the HotSwitch platform, and why the system is ideal for the engineering and circuit protection community to continually evolve electronics systems for industrial, telecom and consumer industries.

Speaker: Anuja Mahale. TVS protection European marketing at Semtech

ESD solutions for automotive applications & introducing the side wettable flanks technology

During this session, Semtech will focus on why ESD protection is important in automotive applications and how the different interfaces can be protected with the Semtech ESD TVS diodes. Along with this there is also an opportunity to dive deep & understand more about the side wettable flank technology which is the need of the hour in today´s automotive market segment.

Semtech SurgeSwitch protects circuits and systems operating in harsh industrial environments

During this session, Semtech will detail the new SurgeSwitch™ family, specially dedicated for ruggedized industrial systems ( VBUS, IO-Link, industrial sensors, 24V AC lines, PLC I/O modules, POE…etc), but also for markets such as Telecom or Automotive. Unlike conventional transient voltage suppression (TVS) diodes, SurgeSwitch devices maintain virtually the same blocking voltage over the entire peak pulse current range and over an extended temperature range, thanks to a new innovative architecture.

ESD protection for industrial solutions & product update on Flat clamping technology.

SEMTECH offers one of the widest ranges of diodes and diode arrays for TVS protection against electromagnetic interference.

New techniques are constantly being developed to optimize these protections and keep pace with the race for ever finer and more fragile etch sizes, ever higher signal speeds, new interfaces, etc., in sectors as diverse as industry and the automotive industry.

This session will give you an overview of the latest techniques, so you can make the right choices to secure your new architectures.

Speaker: Anuja Mahale. TVS protection European marketing at Semtech

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