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The design of a battery pack requires an dedicated management of the charge and discharge phases while using it. A perfect control of the conditions using a BMS greatly increases the life of the pack. We implement cells balancing, protections against over charge and over discharge, but also the T° control inside the pack. This is today the only way to commit ourselves with our customers for the long term.

The cells remain the key element of the battery pack, ALIUM has major partners (PANASONIC/SAMSUNG/SONY) to source these batteries, but the current market is very tight (leadtime and price) which promises us a very complicated year 2021. We are currently working on setting up alternate part number that will bring a little more flexibility in this troubled period.

For all these reasons, we remain available to work on your specifications, and build with you a proposal that will lead to the delivery of a “finished” battery pack, certified and deliverable in France and Benelux.

Battery Pack
A Battery Pack by Alium

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any information.

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