Time to Market and cost reduction for radio design thanks to Virtual Antenna

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With the increase of use cases for IoT and IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), the use of solutions with radio (s) is on the rise.

The radio is one of the critical element which sizes the product. It is often relegated to secondary architectural decisions, or even at the end of the design process. This has an impact on performances, radio link integrity, and the battery life. The consequences can be disastrous for the user experience as well as result in a high rate of factory return.

Ignion, who pioneered the concept of the virtual antenna, requires placing the antenna and associated components at the start of the electronic design. In order to facilitate its integration and the tuning of the antenna, the company offers development assistance services.

A complete Virtual Antenna system

These services make it possible to design a complete antenna system that is unique to your application, integrating the antenna booster, with match Ing network circuit for one or more frequencies, its match Ing impedance and the layout of the various components of the antenna system..

Ignion’s technical team provided, with simulations, test reports on the performance of the radio that could also take into account the type and construction of the product casing.

Virtual Antenna : Value proposition

Virtual Antenna Ignion

This is a paradigm shift in antenna development. The virtual antenna and the services provide is real value proposition.

  • The service offer makes it possible to carry out a feasibility analysis of the project only by simulations.
  • The performance of the radio is known in advance.
  • Development and prototyping costs are reduced and at the same time the risk of discovering poor performance after several months of study.
  • Development time is reduced and Time to Market accelerated, improving ROI.
  • And at a later stage, pre-test services for radio certifications are also available.

Ignion Support Service

There are 3 technical support and development assistance services offered by Ingnion:

  • The “Wireless Fast Track”: Definition of the matching network, the positioning of the virtual antenna according to the size of your PCB and the frequency bands of use.
    • Development services:
      • Complete simulation of the product with all its elements.
      • Simulation with the impacts of external elements, i.e. human body, …
    • Consulting services for the radio certification of the product.

The “Wireless Fast Track” service is free, the others are available for a modest NRE (Non-Recurring Engineering) fee which is much lower than an investment for the development of a traditional antenna.

All of these services are provided by Ignion and its engineering teams who are radio experts. They have developed assistance tools, with artificial intelligence, in order to be able to respond to several requests simultaneously and quickly.

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