KCS TraceME: A suitable track & trace option

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KCS BV, very early to adopt Semtech’s new LoRa Edge innovation, utilizes this technology to offer an ultra-low power track & trace platform which integrates a LoRa® transceiver, multi-constellation scanner and Wi-Fi sniffer. Thanks to these and other innovations, KCS has realized various benefits, such as reduced power usage, lowered costs and smaller modules.

One of their first key use cases was leveraging Semtech’s LoRa® devices and the LoRaWAN® standard to improve global roll-outs of fiberglass cable reels. KCS’s range of IoT devices are able to monitor the length of the reel in real time via a LoRaWAN network, and make use of NFC and a proprietary 20dBm 2.45Ghz beacon. The products are able to measure roll length, provide geolocalisation and include tamper detection. Addressing these factors can introduce efficiencies in the asset management of telecom companies, as well as deter theft and increase theft recovery.


KCS TraceME’s module

“As a hardware supplier, we understand that we are just part of the puzzle. We have strategically located distributors who market and integrate our products, typically with their platform offering. It means we are not location-bound to Europe, and can instead offer our high-quality range of TraceME products all over the world.” Jan Willem Versluis, R&D Director

Founded in 1984 in Dordrecht in the Netherlands, KCS started as a PCB assembly company and soon grew to be a fully-fledged track & trace company as well. Today, TraceME offers an extensive portfolio of modular end devices for all areas of application, from entry-level to premium. TraceME is known for its versatility and can support just about any communication technology, including all the biggest LPWANs. Some of the areas KCS offers added value are advanced asset tracking, smart city applications, and use cases where extra creativity or customization is required. In Q3 2021, the 500,000th module was sold.

Equipped with high-quality hardware, versatile software and advanced connectivity options, TraceME is ready-to-use or can also be fully customized to suit any situation.

Recent accomplishments:

  • Largest deployment of Semtech LoRa Edge in Benelux
  • Sold 500,000th module in 2021

Please go to www.trace.me for more information.



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